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so summer is starting to get on my nerves becuz well.. everyones going away and im still here. GAHHHHHHH. i kinda want skool to start but then again i love just laying around doing nothing till i make plans at 7:00. haha 
11 days till i go to camp. so i cant wait. im really excited i love Cedarwood.
13 days till my friend comes home who im DIEING to see and who realllllllllly wants to hang with me. i miss him alot. hes been at his dads for almost 3 weeks now. and we dont get to talk THAT much and it sucks. but once hes home well hang out alot weeeeewoooo.
but he has to wait a whole other week cuz when he gets back im gone.
and even tho everything seem so close.. its so far. and im trying to find ways to spend my days as productivly and possible. but blah.

i wish it was august.

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