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&& theres all these spaces inbetween my fingers.
for faith & love & god & strength;
but your fingers fit so nicely there...
so ive got room between my toes for those;
& my conscience floats around non-conformety
with consumption of drugs & alcohol;
& these pretty thoughts dance in my head about political standers
and activists leaning in on stolen conversations
made up of words i wish i could burn
and shape into my own
like you let me do babe.
pressing thumbs through computer screens;
reinventing communication devices to meet our standers
she rambles;
he lets her;;
she stumbles;
he gets her
to pick herself up in the shadows of sin
in the most unlikely ways
& it feels like heaven...
he teaches her with out a chalk board,
just a bible hidden inside them, locked away;
kept away,
like the way he turns her on
body, spirt & mind.
taste me;
oh wise one,
im intellegent candy
dipped one too many times,
hard outside;
chewy core.
adopt my recipe;
and turns these sighs into fire
its frightning how lucky we are to think freely my love.

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